Krafton ties up with Tesla for Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Battleground Mobile India has announced a partnership with US-based electric car manufacturer Tesla Company. The collaboration between Crofton and Tesla will bring new additions to the first update to the game, which began July 2. Adding game modes to the popular Battle Royale shooting title. Pub GE Mobile, the global variant of Battlegrounds Mobile India, recently tweeted. In which it announced a similar collaboration with Tesla. There are plenty of elements in the new content update. Ahead of the new activity in the upcoming July Update Game.

Mission Ignition Mode

There are 6 main locations in Mission Ignition Mode. It is transformed into research and energy facilities. The addition of combat features such as patrol robots and data collectors gives the game a new speed. A whole new way of tactically manipulating the game will bring new excitement to the players. Transferring automatic hyperlink players will be invisible.

Tesla Gigafactory and Model Y production

The Tesla Gigafactory can now be found throughout the game in four different locations in Mission Ignition Mode in Erange. Players can access the Gigafactory and notice that Tesla is building the Model Y from beginning to end. Then they can move on with their new car. Groundbreaking autopilot technology on all Tesla vehicles can be tested.

The self-driving Tesla semi appears simply on rural roads and automatically follows predetermined routes. Players drop their supply boxes to the semi…

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