Tokyo Olympics Neeraj Chopra Is Good But Tough For Him To Beat Me Says Johannes Vetter

TOKYO: German javelin thrower Johannes Vetter said that Neeraj Chopra is a good player, but this young Indian will not be able to beat him in the upcoming Olympic Games. Haryana’s Neeraj and Waiter are strong rivals when it comes to the spear in their hands, but off the field both the players are good friends. Former world champion Waiter is being considered a contender for gold in Tokyo, while Neeraj is expected to end the medal drought for India in athletics.

“He (Neeraj) has covered a good distance twice this year,” the waiter told a media conference organized by World Athletics. In Finland, his spear went away from 86 meters. If he is healthy and in the right position, especially with his technique, he can throw the javelin far. He said, ‘However, he will have to face my challenge. I will try to get 90 meters more distance in Tokyo, so it will be difficult for them to beat me.

The first meeting of both the players took place in Offenburg, Germany in 2018. Then both used to train in the same center. Neeraj was in Germany for three months to train under the then head coach Werner Daniels. He finished second only to the waiter in a competition there. Three years later, the two reunited last month during the Kuorten Games in Finland. Not only this, both of them traveled from Helsinki to Finland in the same car.

In response to PTI’s question, the waiter said, ‘Neeraj is a very friendly person. We traveled together in the same car from Helsinki to Kuorten. We talked a lot about spear, family and other things during this time.’ “I’ve always been interested in things like our cultures, our nations, how the sport is going in different countries,” he said. The 28-year-old had won gold in Kuorten with a second of 93.5m, while Neeraj could only cover a distance of 86.79m.

Neeraj’s best performance is 88.07m. Neeraj, on his part, said that he enjoyed his time with the waiter in 2018 and again last month. Neeraj said, ‘We talked about Indians and Indian food. My English is not that good, but I managed to speak a little bit about the game, the technique, our throws and all that. Vetter is in great shape at the moment and in the last 24 months he is the only player in the world who has thrown the javelin from 90 meters away.

He has done this 18 times, including a record of seven consecutive competitions between April and June this year. He missed out on setting the world record last year by 72 centimeters. His spear covered a distance of 97.76 meters in Silesia, Poland. He is second only to Czech Republic veteran Jan elezny (98.48 m) in the farthest throw of the javelin.

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