What are some of the funniest anime or manga series?

There have been a lot of good suggestions posted already, but allow me add in some of my favorites:

1. The Daily Lives of High School Boys:

This is a Yonkoma series similar to Azumanga Daioh that captures the silliness and tomfoolery that goes along with being a dumb teenage boy that is willing to troll his best friends for a laugh. Sometimes when you are a teenager, your friends can convince you that its a great idea to try on your sister’s clothes, not realizing that your sister is about to walk in and react in an unexpectedly positive manner…………..

2. Astro Fighter Sunred:

A farcical take on the Sentai and Tokusatsu genres. Astro Fighter Sunred is about Sunred, a masked hero for whom fighting evil has become so easy that he doesn’t even bother changing into his costume anymore, he just shows up in a t-shirt and shorts. When they are not locked in their weekly battles, Sunred lives the life of the carefree bum and mooches off of his long suffering girlfriend and the villains are actually polite and conscientious members of society when not trying to kill Sunred. Still, both sides stay true to their roles and fight over the fate of the world, always leading to the villain’s defeat and Sunred asking “Same time next week?” to which the villains respond “Same time next week….” Check out latest manga series on Mangago

3. GDGD Fairies

Pronounced “Guda-Guda Fairies”, this is a 3D CG anime about three fairies that live in the magical forest. However, that description, while accurate, doesn’t even begin to convey the absurd craziness and dry humor that pervades the show. Part of the appeal is the shoestring budget CG animation that borrows as much as it can from Poser’s public domain CG models and the other part is the witty ad-lib performances by the show’s three leads. If you like the limited animation, offbeat humor and questionable art style of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and other shows like it on Adult Swim, then you will LOVE this show!

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